Resy Hosts Product Summit and Chain Restaurants Should Pay Attention

Today in NYC, the team behind hospitality technology company Resy launched its first annual Product Summit. During the keynote, CEO Ben Leventhal introduced a suite of ambitious, industry-pushing product updates including ResyFly, Upserve, Resy Surveys and Resy Select.

While Resy’s B2B business is primarily marketed towards individual restaurants and small restaurant groups, chain restaurants should take note as these innovations point to major trends around customer expectations and the state of hospitality today. Below, we highlight the four new Resy products and pose relevant questions for mid- and large-scale chain restaurant brands:

1. ResyFly: Optimizing reservation times and floor plans.


Rundown: ResyFly is a “brand new, ground-breaking inventory optimization program designed to help restaurants minimize the gaps between reservations.” This tool will allow restaurants to create and “schedule different floor plans, reservation grids and hours of operation for special days or time periods.”


Calls-to-Action For Restaurants Chains:

  • What is the restaurant booking experience at your restaurants today? How do you compare to your competitors? To the best in the industry?
  • How efficient is your reservation system and where is there room for improvement?
  • How can a more flexible reservation system allow you to further deliver on your brand promise?
  • How are you designing new restaurants to allow for maximum flexibility?

2. Upserve: Providing insights into guest preferences.


Rundown“Resy recently announced its integration with Upserve. Breadcrumb POS by Upserve will now supply Resy restaurant partners with granular insights into guest preferences — from favorite dishes and dining companions to frequency of booking — to make everyone feel like a regular.”


Calls-to-Action For Restaurants Chains:

  • How are your restaurants becoming increasingly “smarter?”
  • What does it mean to make everyone “feel like a regular” at your restaurants?
  • How can guest insights proactively influence your marketing efforts — social media, content, customer care and more?
  • What technology investments are you making to gather guest preferences and turn that data into action?
  • How are you training and onboarding restaurant staff to make guests “feel like a regular?”

3. Resy Surveys: Connecting guest surveys with reservations.


RundownResy Surveys is the “first-ever reservation-integrated dynamic survey product. The tool allows restaurants to completely customize private post-meal surveys to gain insight into all aspects of their operation — from steps of service, to customer behavior, to seating and meal preferences. Every survey is tied to a reservation, supplying the restaurant with meaningful, useful and actionable insights from the customer.”


Calls-to-Action For Restaurants Chains:

  • How are you gathering information on customer satisfaction after meals?
  • What is your current approach to surveying customers?
  • What are the most important questions for customers to answer? What are the categories of questions? (food, service, environment, etc.)
  • When is it most useful for the business to deploy surveys and how?

4. Resy Select: Loyalty program.


RundownResy Select is “designed to build deeper, lasting relationships between the best customers and the best restaurants. Resy Select members will receive exclusive booking windows for landing hard-to-get reservations, notify waitlist priority, early access to event tickets, and other insider experiences.”


Calls-to-Action For Restaurants Chains:

  • Do you have a loyalty program? And is it delivering quantifiable business results? How are you measuring return on investment?
  • What are the perks and exclusive offers that resonate most with your customers?
  • What loyalty activities are being tested on a monthly and quarterly basis?
  • How is your loyalty program connected to other parts of the business including marketing, content, and customer care?