Brand positioning and identity, content strategy, ongoing advisement for a New York City icon.

Our Role

  • Brand Positioning
  • Content Strategy
  • TOV
  • Visual Identity

Despite the fact that it’s one of NYC’s top tourist destinations with a booming digital business rivaling the likes of Best Buy, B&H had never gone through a formal branding exercise. Working closely with 30+ stakeholders, we developed its first brand platform — and subsequent visual + verbal identity — that both honors the company’s distinct heritage and nods towards its future customers. Following the forthcoming launch of the new identity, Major will support the translation of the refreshed brand across touch-points.

In addition to brand positioning and identity work, Major and B&H continue to work together as close partners across a variety of projects including content strategy, marketing activations, and other initiatives that will bring their new positioning to life in the world today.

  • Brand Positioning + Strategy

    Working intimately with a diverse group of stakeholders, we identified a brand positioning for B&H that accurately and ambitiously represents the company, leaning into opportunity areas for growth. We codified a brand strategy to guide every brand decision moving forward.

  • Brand Voice

    We clarified and codified a voice for B&H that pays homage to its history, target consumer, and future goals. We wrote core brand copy for the website, marketing materials, and social media.

  • Content Strategy

    In order to bring the new brand strategy to life, we identified an approach to content creation that enables B&H to begin a dialogue with a new generation of consumers.

  • Influencer Program

    We worked closely with the B&H marketing team to build a strategic process for collaborating with a range of influencers — from artists to media brands.