Social care and tone of voice guidelines for a global hotel company.

Our Role

  • Tone of Voice
  • CRM Strategy
  • Digital Strategy

In today’s digital-first world, online customer service for hotels represents a significant challenge and opportunity to connect with guests before, during and after travel. Working closely with global stakeholders, we helped RadissonHotel Group — one of the world’s largest and most dynamic hotel companies — validate a business case and create a vision for social care.

Together, we created a roadmap for a new approach to communicating with customers online, resulting in an empowered team of global social care agents, guided by direction and purpose.

Major's ability to integrate within our global team and deliver a unifying strategy was top notch. We'd recommend them in a heartbeat.
Alissa Montbriand
VP, Global Integrated Marketing Communications at Radisson Hotel Group
  • Tone of Voice

    We leveraged insights and best practices to develop Tone of Voice Guidelines that would empower and support a global team of customer service representatives.

  • Future State Roadmap

    After analyzing current ways of working, we developed a “roadmap” for future-state operations that would help the company best deliver on their new vision.

  • Social Care Strategy

    To help Radisson Hotel Group meet rising customer service expectations, we crafted a global social care strategy inclusive of vision, mission, and operational implications.

  • State of the Industry

    In order to ground global stakeholders in a foundational understanding of industry trends, best practices, and competitive activity, we compiled an in-depth analysis of the hospitality landscape.