Creating a look, feel, and voice for a family-founded brand.

Our Role

  • Campaigns
  • Photography
  • Tone of Voice
  • Copywriting

Carrabba’s came to Major looking for help in developing a written and visual communication style that felt authentic to its family-founded heritage. We partnered with the brand to art direct a refreshed identity, create content optimized for Instagram, and build a brand voice that would help the Italian-American brand feel authentic and unique in a congested landscape. As a result of our work, engagement has sky-rocketed and internal investment in content creation is higher than it’s ever been. We’re currently working with the team to develop ongoing digital campaigns that tell stories and connect with diners in the brand-right style they know and love.

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Food content that looks — and sounds — really, really good.

We create ongoing content for Carrabba's social media that doesn't just look delicious, it sounds great, too.

  • Tone of Voice

    Working closely with Carrabba’s team, we identified a brand voice that both honors its history and serves the needs of day-to-day communications. Inclusive of an evolving vocabulary list and a litmus test for success, the Tone of Voice Strategy is meant to educate and inspire anyone — not just copywriters — to bring the Carrabba’s voice to life.

  • Social Media Management

    Using key brand messages and timely promotional strategies, we develop monthly content calendars designed to engage the Carrabba’s audience. We curate, craft, copywrite and subsequently publish all social media content, ensuring that the brand’s voice and story is present from a macro perspective down to the smallest social media post.

  • Photography

    Working with some of the industry’s top food photographers and stylists, we create Instagram-ready photography that highlights Carrabba’s made-from-scratch, Italian-American recipes.

  • Weekly Emails

    We craft copy that feels right for the family-owned restaurant group, integrating promotional material with Carrabba’s authentic voice.